Hackathon 2015

Data Mining with League of Legends

Team - Data 4 Dummies

The team

Our team is made up of four final year IT engineering students who are passionate about big data issues. Indeed they are currently students in the Department of Engineering and Applications of Big Data.

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The project

With a 4 people team in collaboration with an INRIA researcher for an intensive week, build a prediction model about win/loose team composition, based on selection and bans of champs made by players. Extract relevant data from 60Gb game records then extract and analyze frequent pattern. Eventually for each pattern bind the support, balance and growth_rate measures to a winning rate (understandable by everyone)

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The challenge

Video games generate huge amount of data. Mining this data can help improve the user experience and ensure playability of the game. Data were extracted from League of Legends video game.

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Telecom Nancy

The School of Engineering in Information Technology (first known as ESIAL - “École Supérieure d’Informatique et Applications de Lorraine”) is a public school of engineering created in 1990 within the Université de Lorraine (Lorraine University). TELECOM Nancy is a school associated to the Institut Mines-Télécom. It is the only school of generalised engineering studies in IT and digital sciences and technologies accredited by the Commission des Titres de l’Ingénieur (CTI - Engineer Qualification Committee) in the Greater East of France.

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Academic advisor - Adrien Coulet

Team supervisor - Chedy Raïssi

Our Bunker

193 avenue Paul Muller
CS 25233
54602 Villers lès Nancy cedex
Tél. 03 83 68 26 00
Fax : 03 83 68 26 09